WestSpring Rooms

Designed with effective time management in mind, WestSpring Rooms turns your meeting rooms into smart devices. Never double book a room again and feel confident that your meeting room is always ready to go.

What is Rooms?

Rooms is a simple solution to a common issue. By establishing a network of displays across your offices, you can turn your meeting rooms into smart devices. Want to book the meeting room upstairs, simply head over to the display on your floor, check the availability and then book your slot. Want to end your meeting early, simply double tap the display and everyone knows the room has become free.

There are many other features as well, like on screen announcements, hours of operation, and of course you can also manage booking the rooms from a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

So whats included?

In short your Rooms experience will be bespoke to your business needs, however here is an idea of the things we can sort during your Rooms install:

  • Install of as many displays as required
  • Security settings set up
  • Network integration
  • Cross device integration
  • Usage tutorials
  • Procurement of other meeting room equipment
Want to see it in action?

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