WestSpring Lobby

The secure alternative to visitor books and timesheets. Record the movement of people on site with one of the world’s fastest growing visitor management tools.

What is WestSpring Lobby?

A modern, enjoyable way to sign in visitors. Create a positive impression from the moment guests walk into your reception. As your visitors sign in, their details are stored in a secure online portal providing you with a real-time fire list and reports. Join the millions now using the modern sign in method. 

What can Lobby do for you?

Here are some features Lobby can provide:

  • Pre-register visitors
  • Fire / evacuation list
  • Policies and NDA’s
  • Notifications
  • Print visitor badges
  • Mobile sign in
  • Staff sign in
  • Companion app
  • Privacy settings
  • Online portal
  • Custom data fields
  • Events
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